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Diary of a student

There are some people in this world that want to become something in his life. In fact, I’m one of those. But what differs you from me and others are the methods used. To select the most effective method one should learn and understand each one, and after that choose the one YOU think is the best for you. And that’s studying, that’s life. To solve problems you practice as much as you can, and try to apply the methods available for you, at least one should work. In life, nothing can stop anybody–the difference stays on the method used. You may think the life is hard on you, that´s not true. Everything is under your control unless you don’t want to control it. 99% of what you do comes from hard work plus 1% luck, and that’s real. This is one of my best principles as a person, and the fact I used to build up this blog with my works; maybe at the beginning you’ll do very bad, but give yourself a chance, and try it again, again and over again till you got it. Don’t give up your targets and do everything as best as you can.

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This is a personal blogsite. Posts are not exempt from mistakes, so please report if you found any. I can also answer your questions about the topics I write. Thank you, and enjoy!


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